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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Favorite Season: Fall TV

I am just bursting with joy and excitement and happy happy happiness this morning my friends! Why O Why? BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! It's premiere season, as in TV premieres. HURRAH!

It started last week with Gossip Girl and 90210, and then Sunday was Entourage and tonight is Fringe and that silly new CW show Privleged and before we know it all the other greats and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK and GREY'S ANATOMY and oh my goodness gracious. I hardly watched any television all summer (especially that month there when we didn't have cable or internet) and had completely forgotten how wonderful new shows are. In a few months I am sure my nightly watching will be way down from what it is now, but I am just SO EXCITED FOR ALL THESE SHOWS. Sad truth: me and the roomies DVR upwards of 15 shows. FOR REALZ. I am going to blame my career. I am supposed to watch them all, okaaaaay? Grrrrrrrreat.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ah, Young Hollywood

I just spent an excessive and unnecessary amount of time this morning reading Vanity Fair's cover story on "Bright Young Hollywood."

Now I feel awkward, jealous, spiteful, and somewhat disgusted with myself, the publication, and the profiled youths. Not surprising.

I live vicariously through others. Who doesn't, but oftentimes I am concerned I take this daydream-like fascination in celebrity or fictional television characters to unhealthy levels. For example:

1. My high school (and yes, current) obsession with The X-Files. I don't need to elaborate here, and I probably shouldn't as it will only freak you out further (if that's possible). But I was deeply invested in that show and especially in the platonic or not platonic relationship of Mulder and Scully.
2. My college obsession with Alias. I loved this show. Watched the entire series beginning to end, fantasized marrying Michael Vartan, and totally thought I could make a kick-ass spy.
3. My college obsession with Grey's Anatomy. This actually peaked post-college when I wasn't doing much of anything and had a lot of time to kill watching episodes over and over and over again. I still love the show but with less fervor. It's lost some of the magic. I've moved on to other things.
4. My current obsession and love/hate feelings for The Hills. This doesn't even come close to my actual obsessions for the first three, because I don't devote much time outside of watching it (during which I often have to leave the room after I become quite infuriated with the inane dialogue and sheer stupidity) to thinking about it. Yes, I did spend time thinking about the other ones. Pathetic? Sure.
5. My forever love for Friends. This would be the only show that I own every season of, and have seen multiple times over, yet always laugh at every joke as if it were the first time I heard it. I absolutely love Friends. Ross and Rachel? Them too. He's her lobster!

There's so many more... Weeds, Lost, Family Guy, The West Wing, Friday Night Lights... I didn't even touch on Battlestar Galactica or Arrested Development.

Yeah okay, so it's no surprise I just wasted some quality work time browsing the up and coming bright, shining lights of Hollywood stars-to-be, and simultaneously imagined what it might be like to live one of their semi-charmed lives (because mine's so terrible, natch).

You know, after living in Los Angeles for some time I keep thinking what I really need is to take a week and go to somewhere very remote and completely lose touch with reality, in order to get a reality check. I am headed to Martha's Vineyard tonight, although I am not sure a wealthy, conservative, summer island off the coast of Massachusetts counts. Actually, one agent recently told me that Martha's Vineyard is apparently the new hot destination for the Hollywood elite. Wonderful. I just can't escape.

Friday, May 23, 2008

TV Obsession/Love

Sometimes I think about my emotional attachment to a specific television show and I worry about myself. I worry about my sanity, me mental state, and the effect such a love might have on my ability to socialize. But then I think about all the other people who build similar attachments, all the other fans who devote an hour every week to watch a fictional drama enfold. I think I'll be okay.

I have watched Grey's Anatomy since its first season and was hooked from the start, not because of the romances--I was actually never a fan of the Meredith-Derek on and off relationship, they just annoy me--but I loved the show for its story lines, sharp dialouge and fun characters. Over the course of its run, my enthusiasm has waxed and waned, but somewhere during season two it reached obsessive, then dying down around the miserable plot lines of the second half of the third season.

Since the strike's end and the final airing of this season's remaining episodes, I've definitely felt the old Grey's Anatomy I first loved from season one is back, and last night's season finale seemed to encapsulate this effortless return to form. I even rejoiced at the long-time-coming resolution between Grey and her McDreamy, and am not going to lie that a tear or two escaped my eyes. Other highlights included the incredible moment in which Dr. Bailey revealed her perfect knowledge of Star Wars, specifically Han Solo, and later when an emotional Alex actually broke down and cried. I could go on and on about other moments that stood out, which I have been doing all morning with one of my friends, but I'll spare you the fangirl rehashing.

I would like to comment on the feeling I get after I watch a great show. Maybe it's a little obsessive or over the top, but after watching Grey's Anatomy last night I was just so happy--much like finishing a good book or after watching a great film. There's nothing quite like that satisfying moment after viewing some quality performances in a nicely packaged two hour special.

I know there are a lot of Grey's haters out there, or for that matter, a lot of TV haters in general. That's fine--we are all entitled to our own opinions, I just happen to be someone who loves television. It's one of the reasons I moved to LA in the first place, so I could maybe get involved with the process of making the things I love. When I watch a show like Grey's and I am left with that bubbly happy feeling, I am again reminded of that desire to be out here and be a part of it all. Especially after the crazy days where I question my career choices. It's reassuring, comforting, and encouraging.

If only I had a music supervisor who could also skillfully design a soundtrack for my life, because the chick who does the music on GA is pure genius.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Recap: Upfronts Week

For those who don't know what Upfronts are... I don't really know the best way to explain them beyond that time in mid-May when all the big television networks give little previews into new shows for the next season, and announce their fall line-ups. It was a little different this year in what the town is now calling "the post strike" world (because it was all very harrowing and scary for the big conglomerates, of course) and while none of my opinions and information is from any firsthand experience at the presentations, I am going to grace you all with my selected thoughts on the newly revealed skeds.

ABC's fall line up is the most familiar. All our favorites will be there (although Lost returns midseason which is intolerable) with a scant few newbies. One of the new shows is Life on Mars, from David E. Kelley and based on the successful BBC drama of the same name. After reading a bit of the pilot and watching a short trailer for the Americanized version, I'm not sure this edition holds the same promise. I am trying to think of the last David E. Kelley show I actually watched... probably Ally McBeal or Boston Public. I never really got into the law shows, but I know they've been critically acclaimed and well loved. I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, especially because Life on Mars airs in the prime post-Grey's Anatomy slot on Thursday nights, but take a look for yourself.

I am also thrilled by the return of the Wednesday night trio Pushing Daisies, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money. It worked in the fall, and I've been missing these shows since the strike halted production.

Um I didn't pay much attention to this one. Right. The only shows on NBC that I care about are The Office and 30 Rock (watch 30 Rock, it will blow your socks off!) and of course, Friday Night Lights, a show that is so good it hurts. It hurts because I love it. I used to watch Heroes, but decided another cult-TV show was a bad idea for my personal life... and social functioning. I am trying to think what stands out on the NBC schedule... not much. Ooooh I guess there is an Office spin-off (those nets sure love the spin-offs these days, huh?) which is promising but also questionable. What else, what else... wow ER is still going. Huh, look at that.

I don't watch any shows on CBS. I can't think of a time I ever did.

Here's where things get interesting. FOX, a network I watch now only for Family Guy, is bringing back to my life two very important shows: The X-Files and Firefly. Okay not really, but the new J.J. Abrams show Fringe is practically a revisioned X-Files for 2008, full of paranormal technology, pseudoscience, and potential government conspiracies, and of course--fraught with unresolved sexual tension between the two protagonists (played by Joshua Jackson--Pacey!--and newcomer Anna Torv). I just finished reading this intense pilot yesterday and I am hooked. Also, these promotional stills have me all sorts of excited. Then there is Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind Firefly, one of the most underrated shows of late, who is bringing the show Dollhouse to FOX midseason. While I hate Eliza Dushku, who stars as the main character Echo, this show has a really interesting concept (reading the pilot now so can't explain in full). Here, watch a little trailer (and it's Helo from Battlestar Galactica!):

Hmm the trailer is temporarily unavailable... I'll put it up later.

The CW
I love the CW for bringing Gossip Girl to the airwaves. I realize that on a ratings scale this show bombs. But as far as buzz and salacious plots are concerned? Right on the money! As we all know, I am most excited for the CW's upcoming 90210 spin-off (fantastic pilot and I had a friend at Upfronts yesterday who saw some early footage, texting me afterwards to say: "90210 will make us hate our jobs, paychecks and wardrobes. It looks so good.") and I am somewhat interested in Surviving the Filthy Rich, set to air after 90210, and on par with the network's teen programming. I read this pilot as well, and it has some potential but it might not hold my interest (see clips here).

Phew. I've got a busy fall schedule to make room in my life and my DVR for all these televisions shows, but if I know anything about myself, it's that I always watch my shows. And by watch, I mean obsess over.

Monday, May 05, 2008

TV Post-Strike

I love television. Obviously, as close to %90 of my posts mention TV in some fashion. I love television and I especially love scripted dramas and was especially sad when the strike hit and it was goodbye Grey's, Gossip, and (Family) Guy (I tried for a catchy three-part alliteration just then but couldn't think of a third G-beginning show. Anyone?) At first, the TV void in my life was miserable, but as I became busy with work and maintaining a social calendar (which is work in itself when you are as busy and popular as I. That's a joke BTdubs) the lack of new programming didn't even register on my radar. At one point I recall wondering how I would ever find the time to fit in all my shows, even with DVR.

Well, it's May my friends. And besides today being Cinco de Mayo (yay, go eat at one of those taco trucks or something), it's May Sweeps time, my favorite time of the year for my favorite televisions shows--they pull out all the stops to suck in us viewers and make millions and gazillions of dollars of advertising. (So much for sticking it to the man.) Thing is, since the return of all this Must-see TV, I've noticed a big change that in my opinion has little to do with May sweeps.

Ever since my favorite shows have come back on the air I've noticed the quality of episodes has, across the board, been better. Story lines are more interesting, plot development is smoother and quicker, and everything just seems to have a little extra enthusiasm. Personally, I feel that we can credit the strike for this improvement in episodic television. All those writers had several weeks off to really think about their shows and I think this has only helped the quality.

For example, prior to the strike I was getting bored with Brothers & Sisters. It seemed to lack the freshness and acerbic wit of the first season. Post-strike and wham bam thank you ma'am, Bros & Hos (as I like to call it when I am feeling sassy, which apparently I do right now) has returned with gay marriage proposals, companies going under, and my favorite subplot yet--having feelings for your sister from another father, who turns out has a different father but is it still not weird and creepy when a brother has feelings for a temporary sister, now a former sister? Wooh. That's a lot. But that whole lot is good TV and it has me watching.

Then there is Grey's Anatomy. The first episode out of the gate was fun, acknowledging the passing of time but again moving along some story lines that needed movement, aka Meredith and Derek. And sure, Kate Walsh's return to Grey's last week was a bit of a ratings stunt (and a smart one because she really improves that show about %1000 percent and I really think they should just keep her there or figure out some sort of recurring role because obviously ABC has noticed the fan base she seems to pull in, hence the mediocre Grey's spin-off Private Practice, already getting ad time for its fall return) but that episode of Grey's was one of the best this season, perfectly establishing future plot lines while smoothing over upsetting ones of the past (such as that miserable pairing known as Gizzie). I am even starting to like Katherine Heigl.

However, my two favorite improvements in scripted TV this post-strike spring are in one show that was already fantastic and another that was working on it. First off, 30 Rock, the best show you aren't watching. The episode that aired on May 24 was sheer genius, with Liz Lemon going corporate and a perfectly executed Will Arnett/Alec Baldwin stand off. This is a show you people need to watch, because it seems to be stronger now than ever. In fact, I am going to include a clip below so you know what you are missing.

Lastly, I would like to point out the improvements in Gossip Girl. Sure this show is ridiculously far-fetched and often has plot lines that make no sense or couldn't possibly be based in any sense of reality, but it's just so... salacious. It's only gotten better since its post-strike return with new plot lines, characters, and of course--new romances.

Oh yes, there is also Lost, which in my opinion has been incredible from the start and never had any issues anyways (despite what all those naysaying critics had to say during the third season)--I don't think the strike was a necessary infuse of creativity for this staple. Lost operates on another level, but I had to mention it's brilliance... just because.

Anyway, I've certainly found a way to incorporate my favorite television shows into my busy life and have been pleasantly surprised with their improvements. I was sad to discover last night that the season finale of Bros & Hos is next Sunday and I know there are limited episodes remaining of the others I enjoy too, but until hiatus, we've got these remaining morsels of goodness to relish, and it sure does feel great.

And as promised, a few clips from 30 Rock. Actually, I am posting an entire episode (courtesy Hulu, as usual). Watch it.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Fanaticism at its finest...

Rather than give my own rundown on the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice concert benefit I went to on Friday (where the casts of both shows performed a musical review to benefit crew members affected by the strike), I am going to direct you to a full, dead-on synopsis courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. (I'm lazy).

Instead, my recap of the night is going to fully exploit my dear friend and roommate... That's right, Roomie #1. (Apologies in advance).

I've mentioned #1's love for Grey's before, and this evening with the case certainly displayed the extent of her fanaticism. We went with two of our other friends, and found out that contrary to what we'd previously assumed, the seating was not general admission. Well that didn't matter for #1 because she was sitting in the front row. She was so close to that stage that after the show she was able to disclose who had good skin (most everyone) and who didn't (Ellen Pompeo, apparently). It would appear that #1 was the very first person to purchase a ticket for the event because she literally was in the first seat. Or, as it eventually became, she was seated in the Grey's Anatomy Outreach for Mentally Challenged people seat(s). The other three of us, ignored our given seat assignments and found a chunk of seats just far enough behind #1 that we could keep our distance in preparation for the inevitable freak out.

And that freak-out came. During intermission, Roomie #1 walks over to us and I swear to God, the girl had lost her shit. Was completely bonkers and happy and blabbering away like a fool, telling everyone how thrilled she was, mentioned sweating at one point, and the fact that she just couldn't stop talking (at a mile a minute, too). The best part was that we were several seats into the row and she was screaming over a small gaggle of folks to share this information, including Kristin Dos Santos of E! who was having a conversation with my other friend about the campaign to save Friday Night Lights. At one point #1 started talking about how this was SUCH a natural high and how OH HOW could she feel this way again (I thought about recommending drugs, but decided against it, considering her current state)!!!! I held onto her hand at one point to discover she was in fact shaking. Shaking with excitement and complete fan-happy tears! It was brilliant! The lights blinked and she calmed down enough to deliriously make her way back to her seat for the second act.

When the performance was over and the lights were up, we slowly made our way out of the theater, and Roomie #1 was keeping it cool... or cooler at least, although I could tell she was close to bursting yet again. Sure enough we get into the car and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. She isn't just screaming your standard squeal of AHH, oh no, it was much, much better.


Of course, she didn't actually shit herself, but apparently this was the only expression of words to truly convey her feelings.

In all, the show was great and I definitely enjoyed getting to do something like that, it really was a one-time thing. The best part of the evening was watching my roommate freak out however. I probably would have paid some good money just to see her do that for 2 hours.

As an addendum, today the company that sold the tickets for the event sent out a survey asking how we would rate the performance. In my opinion, it should have read as follows:

Did you enjoy Good Medicine? Please rate your experience on a scale of one to five:

(1) I shit myself
(2) I pissed myself
(3) I blacked out
(4) I think I've been drugged
(5) I was distracted by Katherine Heigl's teeth

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Personal Note from Kate Walsh (HUH?)

So Friday night I am going with some friends to this event called "Good Medicine" which is featuring the casts and creators of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice in some sort of performance thing at UCLA's Royce Hall. I used to think I was scary obsessed with Grey's but then I met my match in Roommate #1, and thus we continue to fuel each other's unhealthy obsession with the show--hence our both freaking out at the opportunity to see nearly all of the cast members in this one-time-only evening.

Today, the following email showed up in my inbox:

Dear Ann Stamell,

We just obtained some updated information on "Good Medicine" on Fri, February 29. Kate Walsh is going to be unable to perform in the show. All other listed performers are going on as scheduled, but we wanted to let you know that Kate Walsh would be unable to perform. She wanted to share a personal message with you about this, and I have pasted it below my signature.


A note to ticket holders for the Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice musical benefit, “Good Medicine,” from Kate Walsh:

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry and I am sorry I have to be so sorry but still, I do, because I am writing to let you know that despite my initial commitments, I won’t be able to participate in “Good Medicine.” I wanted to come, I really, really did -- but I can't. I have a prior commitment that I tried to get out of and couldn't. I am so sorry. And so so so bummed. I am so bummed not only that we can't be there for you and our crew, but because I hate to miss what promises to be an unbelievably great evening. Audra McDonald, Sara Ramirez and Loretta Devine (known to you as the chief’s wife, Adele. She played Effie in the very first Broadway Production of Dreamgirls) are singing! Not to mention T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, Amy Brenneman and Paul Adelstein, Tim Daly and Chris Lowell… they’re all going to sing! And so are Chief Webber and his real-life wife Gina, also a Broadway veteran. Aside from all the music, there will be appearances by Katherine Heigl, Brooke Smith, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Chyler Leigh, Eric Dane and Taye Diggs. Basically everyone's gonna be there. Except me. I cannot believe I have to miss this. Crap. Our crews are the people who make all of it possible. I am so excited this evening is happening to raise money for them and so so sad I won't be there. I hope you forgive us and I hope you have a wonderful time.

With Love and Regret,
Kate Walsh

I find it highly comical that she sent out this email. I mean it's surprising that she actually took the time to write it, but even better is the fact the she writes exactly how all the characters on Grey's Anatomy speak. More exciting is the fact that Eric Dane will be there, as well as Justin Chambers who my good friend refers to only as "Hot Boy." Should be a fun evening.

You know who I wish wasn't going to be there? Katherine Heigl. Ugh she drives me nuts. This story only increased my annoyance with her. Yeah, yeah, I'm a broken record...

In a related note I realize I am starting to come off a little bit stalkerish (and by a little bit I mean a lot) when it comes to various members of Grey's Anatomy (i.e. Kate Walsh or Katherine Heigl). This is nothing. At some point I will tell a story that involves me listing off IMDB credits for a guest star on Grey's to said guest star's first cousin, a revolving dance floor, a bar mitzvah, and a lot of alcohol. So yeah I'm a fan...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Are we allowed to be here?

A few weeks ago I was surfing the interwebs at work, as I often do, and was checking in at my favorite informative writer's strike site United Hollywood, when I came upon this little bit:

iO WEST ARMANDO NIGHT WITH KATE WALSH AND MORE: Kate Walsh (Private Practice, Gray's Anatomy) and Reno 911 creator and star Robert Ben Garant will host the 3-act, 2 ½ hour improv extravaganza. Garant (along with partner Thomas Lennon) is a top screenwriter, having written the hits The Pacifier, Herbie:Fully Loaded, Balls of Fury, Night at the Museum, and the upcoming Night at the Museum 2. The Office's Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, and Ed Helms as well as MADtv's Mo Collins will be joining the cast of regular "Armando" performers including Tim Meadows (Walk Hard, SNL) for this incredible night with more special celebrity performers to be announced in the upcoming days. All proceeds go to the WGA Industry Support Fund. Tickets for this special show are $25. The show starts at 9pm. iO West is located at 6366 Hollywood Blvd. For tickets call 323-962-7560. Check out the website at

I told a friend about it and we were a little surprised that it hadn't been written up anywhere else, but thought it was worth a shot to get some tickets. I was expecting this to be very difficult, but nope--a standard ticket buying operation and we were good to go.

Now I need to preface all this by saying I am a HUGE fan of The Office. After my jaw surgery I watched both the BBC version and all of the American version, in order, and pretty frequently (it was difficult to laugh at the time because, oh yeah--my jaw was wired shut, but it was probably the best distraction from the pain besides the codene). The other show I watched a lot of was Grey's Anatomy. Because I think Meredith is a whiny little bitch, Addison, played by Kate Walsh, was easily my favorite female character. As Kate Walsh has become increasingly present in the regular celebrity press, I've decided that she is just fantastic, so it's safe to say I'm a big fan. So essentially, the opportunity to see some of my favorite cast members from two of my top favorite television shows seemed just too good to be true.

Well, last night we arrived at the iO West theater, not really sure what was in store. The venue itself was interesting; you walk into a small space that was essentially a bar that also doubles as the lobby. People are standing around chatting, getting drinks--it could have been just any night at any place. Then I look closer. Oh there's Kate Flannery (Meredith) and she just hugged Angela Kinsey (Angela). Wait a minute, that's Oscar! He's talking to Ed Helms (Andy)! And that's the blonde dude from Reno 911. Where's his mustache? Oh and look it's David Schwimmer! Oh wait, nope, just some dude who looks like him. And wow that bartender is hot. And who is this incredibly well dressed tall chick walking by me now? Holy Crap! It's Kate Walsh!

Okay so I've seen a handful of female celebrities between New York and LA--Julia Roberts, Claire Danes, Julianne Moore, Paris Hilton--and they are usually beautiful, it's true. Kate Walsh was no exception. It once again reminded me that celebrities are stars for good reasons. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect demeanor--the works.

It was completely bizarre to be standing in this room surrounded by all this brilliant talent, with everyone sort of chilling, drinking, talking, waiting for the show before to end. My friend and I sort of had a moment where we stared at each other in a mutual understanding. Were we allowed to be there? I mean, we are standing 5 feet from Kate Walsh (wearing a giant Barack Obama '08 pin on her kick-ass leather jacket, by the way) and any minute we're expecting someone is going to come in, tap us on the shoulder and quietly remove us from the premises, because clearly we don't belong.

But that's the thing about LA--you can go to a venue like this, sort of hob knob with the hoi polloi and the celebs--then watch some fantastic improv comedy. Speaking of--the show was a riot! I mean, of course Robert Ben Garant is hilarious, he kills it on Reno 911, but who knew Kate Walsh had such stellar comedy chops? Robert Ben Garant's monologues were a little funnier, or at least paced better, and he covered topics such as trading DVDs of movies he starred in for store credit and his Uncle Steve giving him and some buddies a trash bag of Marijuana for a trip to Mexico. Kate Walsh talked about a leaky roof in her dream house, and she told a hilarious anecdote about passing out at her wedding due to a heatwave and dehydration, as well as a pretty morbid story about her dad's cremation. And Kate, unlike Robert, also participated in the regular improv skits that followed each monologue, with the rest of the troupe. These were pure brilliance. Actors who really stood out were Angela and Ed Helms, who was probably the funniest on stage. He even did a little bit where he was singing and all I could think about was my favorite scene in The Office where he and Jim are in the car and Andy won't stop doing a capella. I loved him on The Daily Show, then Andy was one of my favorite added Office characters, and now it's safe to say that Ed Helms now has a special place in my heart as one of my favorite comic actors.

I think the most impressive thing was that the entire two and a half-hour show was 100% improvised. That is NOT easy. It takes a lot of talent to be able to do something like that, and it was pretty fantastic to see these well-known television stars having a whole lot of fun doing a whole lot of silliness. There were bits about an invincible fetus, getting lady raped, Hitler, the McDonald's drive through, a kid hitman, and hitting on people in Walmart. Knee-slapping stuff.

After the performance was over, everyone filed back into the lobby/bar area, and once again, my friend and I were pretty appalled that people were still just sort of mulling about and chatting--performers included. There was a moment where I walked out of the ladies room and pretty much smacked straight into Kate Walsh. I was tempted to ask her what it was like kissing Patrick Dempsey or if she missed her Grey's costars or if Katherine Heigl's teeth were as busted in person as they were on screen. Thanks to better judgment, I kept my mouth shut and moved on. I have to say, I definitely still haven't gotten over seeing celebrities in real life and up close. Yes, they are people too, but there is just something startling about it.

As we were both exhausted, my friend and I decided to pull ourselves away from the complete surreality of the evening (and all the actors who were still there hanging out) and walk back to my car, parked at nearby restaurant Wang's (a fine establishment, judging by the motley, pot-smelling crew in the parking lot). A quick trip to my friend's car, parked at In-n-Out, our pre-show dinner location of choice, and around midnight I was home, in bed, and on my way to dreaming about more nights like this one--nights that confirm some of the many reasons I moved to LA. In-n-Out included.

Kate Walsh and Ed Helms

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Katherine Heigl's Teeth

I find Katherine Heigl very annoying. Really, I find her character on Grey's Anatomy annoying, but that has permeated into my perception of who she is in real life (so, yes I am kind of an ass in this regard). The Izzie-ness to her and the myriad of interviews with her in which she displays her "refreshing" attitude and ability to speak her mind really bother me. And now she is on the cover of Vanity Fair, so she can candidly speak her mind... again. And apparently Barbara Walters is doing a bit on her for an upcoming special looking at the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007. Katherine Heigl is everywhere these days and for what? Her part on Grey's? I mean I am definitely an addicted Grey's Anatomy viewer but I don't necessarily think it's groundbreaking television. Or for Knocked Up? Sure, it's a great movie, but I wouldn't call her a novel casting decision, nor was she all that exceptional in the part. I realize my claims for disliking her seem fairly irrational, but what I think I might normally see to be as personable, endearing, or genuine I find to be exhaustingly annoying.

Okay but the real reason she drives me nuts? Her teeth are FREAKISH. Seriously. Look at this screencap from a recent Grey's episode (or click on the picture to the left). Look closely. Scary, no?