Annie Stamell, known to many as Stamos, is a writer and blogger. She’s been spreading her particular brand of comedy all over the Internet for several years now, thanks to her hard-hitting investigations into FOMO, puppies, and bad TV shows for The Huffington Post, alongside her pop culture blog “Jaw Wired Shut” and regular gig as one of HelloGiggles’ founding contributors. And also she spends a lot of time on Tumblr and Twitter.
Annie is currently writing for Hulu’s pop culture and TV recap show, ‘The Morning After’ and when she has time she’s working on a new television comedy pilot, an animated show for kids, a feature, a movie-of-the-week and a humor book. Also sometimes she just says “eff this” and sleeps.

Annie likes: astronaut ice cream, sunglasses, painting her nails, dance music, the ocean, her bed, pizza, stickers, aquariums, snacks, toothpaste, very bright colors.
Annie dislikes: Katherine Heigl, mayonnaise, pants.