Why Stamos?

No, I am of no relation to John Stamos. 
My last name isn't Stamos. 
I don't even speak Spanish. 

And unlike many people in the web space today, "Stamos" is not simply my Twitter handle. It's what many people call me. In fact, depending on how you are introduced to me and who does this introducing, you may only meet me as, simply, Stamos. 

Stamos, you see, is as much my name as Annie is (in the sense that my actual name is just Ann, but that name, while lovely, seems a little too plain for me, which works as I'm easily and often nicknamed).

When I was 15 years old my difficult-to-spell and unclear-how-to-say last name (Stamell rhymes with Campbell, by the way) somehow morphed into "Stamos" after a group of upperclassmen boys with a soft spot for Full House began calling me that. Those 80s-obsessed guys remain some of my closest friends today, and the name they gave me when I was an eager high school freshmen follows me still. Truth be told, I couldn't be happier!

And hey - if it means I am frequently confused with Uncle Jesse himself, well, I suppose there are worse things (see: Dave Coulier).