Wednesday, February 13, 2008

milkshake website + Milkshake movie + actual milkshake - nausea = love

Yesterday I read this article in Entertainment Weekly and am newly obsessed with this website. I commonly refer to There Will Be Blood as Milkshake. (Well actually, just with Roommate #1, but I think that qualifies as "commonly" considering she is one of maybe three friends I have in LA. Well, I have more than three. Four.) Anyways, I am really having a milkshake moment because I just had some of a delish Oreo milkshake from the horrendous Hamburger Hamlet across the street. (Some of you may recall that episode of Entourage where the Hamlet was mentioned as that restaurant in LA no agent would be caught dead in. My boss orders from there an average of 3 times a week. Truth.) Anyways, that milkshake reminded me of Milkshake starring Daniel Day Lewis (go see it now and you will think of milkshakes in a new way entirely). I am now going through the nausea part of the milkshake, but fortunately I have a silly website about drinking milkshakes to distract me.

Wow, how many times can I write milkshake in one post? (9) I do love a good milkshake. (10) This brings me to a frustrating question: what is the difference between a milkshake and a frappe? Someone, please explain!

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