Monday, February 11, 2008

Pet Peeves (Part One of an Endless, Multi-Part Series)

Pet Peeve:
When you are going to the bathroom and the toilet has one of those motion censor flushes and it flushes while you are doing your business. I don't know if this is something men experience, but it happens to women. Your ass gets wet. It is really, really annoying. I hate it.

Pet Peeve:
LA Drivers. Words can't express my disdain for the vast majority of people driving vehicles in this city. I think they are especially rude because I have Maine license plates. For a population that is generally laid back, when LA folk are driving they are terrifying. A lot of road rage. I don't think as many people in Los Angeles attend therapy as they do in New York. Maybe that would help.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann... your Dad, the one always giving sage advice, turned me on to your blog. I hit it often and am really enjoying learning about your peeves, observations and neurosis. Met you many years ago when you were young and I was old at HHS. Keep on writing. Chris Kast