Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pizza Heist!

I just saw this headline on CNN:

"Pizza heist lands freed killer back in pen"

I love CNN.com because several times a day you can check out the website and find a brilliantly terrible headline such as the above.

Nothing, however, could ever top the Police Beat, from my hometown newspaper The Forecaster. If you wanted to know who was loitering outside of Dunkin Donuts two nights ago or which high school seniors are due for a court appearance thanks to underage drinking or who called the police regarding a mysterious howling sound on the Woodlands Country Club golf course last Sunday, then this was the perfect column to find all sorts of perfectly irrelevant information. I attempted to find the Police Beat online, but no luck yet--just the Forecaster website with links to news and sports, and of course, the requisite picture of snow and freezing cold weather.

Indeed: Maine, the way life should be!

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