Thursday, February 07, 2008

Self Googling

I seem to have run out of things to do at work to pass the time. So just a second ago I Googled my full name and in quotes, to make sure that I would get ONLY me. The following embarrassing four search results came up. Feel free to read them and then mock me, much like I mock myself. My categorizing as DWEEB is quite evident.

Mail/Pop Culture News/News & Notes/Entertainment Weekly

I've officially shared one of the most nerdy/embarrassing things I've ever done with the world

Search: JRR Tolkein/
Should I be embarrassed or excited that my name is now forever linked to all who search for JRR Tolkein on Entertainment Weekly's website? Probably embarrassed.

Thanksgiving Day 4-miler
My time? Also embarrassing

Cool Running: Portland Thanksgiving Day Race Results

And again.

Interestingly enough, if I Google my name and use my real name Ann, instead of Annie (again with my last name and in quotes), I get some very different results, but also quite entertaining.

Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for "portland connecticut"
I don't actually see myself anywhere on this page, but I guess it has something to do with going to Middlebury?

COLLEGE NEWS - Portland Press Herald (Maine) - HighBeam Research
Ah, college announcements. The glory days.

Cool Running

For this race you'll note my cousin came in 13th while I placed a stellar 108th

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