Thursday, March 20, 2008

Single girl seeking churchgoing companion..... er, nevermind.

I enjoy going to church. I do. Think what you want about organized religion, but for me, the churchgoing experience is often quite lovely. I am Episcopalian and usually only frequent Episcopal churches, but from time to time have gone elsewhere. My dad's side of the family is Jewish, so I've dabbled in Judaism a bit, a trip to temple here, a bar mitzvah there, opening the door for Elijah everywhere... Anyways, I value going to church, especially during Advent, and this time of year, during Lent, and then for Palm Sunday and Easter. I actually haven't gone since Christmas (and no I am not one of those C & E churchgoers, I will make sporadic appearances throughout the year) so I am looking forward to celebrating Easter this upcoming Sunday.

Here's the thing, I have no one to go with. Now I certainly don't mind going to church alone (usually, those random Sundays when I go, I will go by myself--I don't know, it's a personal thing), however there is something about a holiday that makes me want to go with others. Sure we might be celebrating Jesus' death (say what?) but there is something really nice in the tradition of going to church and then out for a nice Easter brunch.

Apparently, none of my friends share this sentiment. (Okay so maybe, it's less about the religion and more about tradition and sitting in a big, cold room in anticipation for a yummy feast to come, but honestly!) A gaggle of friends intend to bar hop and drink all day (it's one of their birthdays) and I guess morning church doesn't fit into the scheduled alcohol related activities (what about Communion?). Then I have one friend who is in Aspen or Telluride or some sweet town in Colorado skiing, another who has a relative's birthday that day and wont be around, and everyone else seems to be Jewish or apathetic.

It's not like I am some crazy Jesus freak, but I appreciate tradition, and humility and Episcopalians are Catholic-lite (no guilt) and pretty friendly--so I am looking forward to that hour and a half of prayer and reflection. And any excuse to wear a spring dress is great in my book. Okay, any excuse to wear a Lilly Pullitzer, my go-to Easter attire, is what I am really trying to say. Call it sacrilege if you want.

Anyways, Happy (almost) Easter, and if anyone in the Greater Los Angeles area would like to accompany me to church on Sunday, followed by brunch, and followed by... day drinking... let me know.

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