Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Apologies in Advance

If you haven't noticed yet I've been slacking in the blog department this week (hence yesterday's "Some Things I Like Post"... I mean, clearly the creative juices weren't flowing) and this is my official apology to my vast legions of fans. Whoever those average 50 readers a day are, thanks for your commitment, sorry about the irregularity this week.

No worries--as of Tuesday, the bossman is in London, where the 9 hour time difference is going to bring work productivity to a new low, and creative blog posting to record highs. Expect next week to really WOW you. Get excited.

Until then, I try to keep posting regularly, but I can't guarantee anything good.



jbo said...

i almost regret to admit that I am a loyal reader. it's my lunch time delight. this week, i've actually had to read the wall street journal through my lunches...

get writing, stammell.

Anonymous said...

'smooches'...really? really?