Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Apparently today is a holiday. Today is the day in which we celebrate all the administrative professionals of the world, aka, me.

Yes, my friends, it is Assistants Day which is sort of like Bus Driver Appreciation Day, a holiday created to make all the non-bus drivers feel better about themselves, something only the little people care about, and a day when the under appreciated continue to feel under appreciated. Except bus drivers get cool homemade cards and apples and stuff. Actually teachers get apples, I don't know what bus drivers get. Maybe some cookies or donuts or something.

Anyways, in honor of this special day and those we honor (again, me) I've done something really liberating I would like to share and I think it is something a lot of other assistants should do.

I ordered myself some business cards. Yes, business cards. I know you're thinking, wait a minute Annie don't you have a job and isn't your six month mark (according to your resume... cough cough) coming up in May? Yes, that is all true, but the thing is--I don't have business cards, and apparently I don't get them... yet. I guess if I am here for significantly longer and anticipating staying for longer than that, then sure business cards make sense. Thing is, assistants fly in and out of desks so rapidly here in Hollywood and if I know myself and my current state of mind, getting business cards for this desk is probably unnecessary. So yes, I ordered myself some lovely and cheap business cards. And guess what business I am promoting? That's right people, this blog. Now I can really start with the self-promotion. (I don't think the daily updates to my Facebook profile or mass blind emails are doing all that much. Oh and thanks Dad, I know you're telling all your business friends, but how many of them are really like, yeah, let's read Jon Stamell's crazy daughter's blog.) Now I can finally share Jaw Wired Shut with EVERYONE.

So, Happy Assistants Day to me. Anyways, for all those other assistants out there--go order yourself some business cards, because you deserve it. Actually, now that I think of it, I am guessing that most other assistants have business cards. So maybe, it's just me. Yaaay, me.

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