Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jaw Wired Shut: London Edition

Welcome everyone, to the new version of the blog. The version you will get to enjoy from now until April 17. It's the London version. Why, London, you ask? That is the current location of my boss. Which is awesome. This means that while my mornings might be busy, my afternoons will not--plenty of time to blog away about all the fascinating and profound insights I feel necessary to share. Where to begin...

You know, I wish I was in London. London is a great city. When I was studying abroad in France, the first weekend trip I took was to London. While I may have had food poisoning for all but eight hours of the trip, it was great. I had been to England when I was in the eighth grade, as part of an exchange program, but going when I was older, especially after an intense month in Paris, was a completely different experience. London, despite the price, is a city in which I think I could live. Despite the often dismal weather it's a great place, pretty similar to the US but still perfectly European. I really miss Europe. The people, the food, the trains... simpler times. Times when my only worries were which weekend I was going to Munich for Oktoberfest or should I get a crepe avec nutella et banane or sucre et fraise (that's French for strawberry, you simple-minded Americans). Ah, the days of one weekend skiing in the Alps, the next spending St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. Then there was the wine. The cheapest, most delicious wine EVER. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to have spent an entire year abroad (Paris and Geneva). And then I think what an idiot I am for not moving back. Life is great in Europe. Five weeks of vacation. FIVE! Social welfare! Absinthe! Not showering every day isn't just okay--it's normal!

And with this post I've notched out at three existential crises for today. I think my record might be six.

That's all for today's London edition because it's a little after 6 pm and I am leaving. YES.

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