Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blog Therapy

According to an article from CNN today, blogging is a form of therapy.

This got me thinking... is it? Am I using this blog as therapy? Is this blog a place for me to publicly and officially acknowledge my inner geek, wax nostalgic about the television programs of yore, and obsess over my sweating problem and penchant for tanning? Maybe... I like to think of blogging as a way to keep me sane during the work day, so I guess in that sense it is therapeutic. The more I write, the more I've discovered that I enjoy writing, so I guess it's a little bit about self exploration too. Anyways, I think everyone deserves a forum to write truthfully and offer opinions, so why not post it on the internet for the entire world to see?

I was just looking over the UTA list a second ago (for those not in Hollywood, this is a list with various "insider" job postings in the entertainment industry) and thought about whenever I take the step to my next job, I have no idea what that might be. When I first moved to LA I briefly entertained the notion of becoming an agent, and then when I realized that was the last thing I wanted to do I thought about development, but now I am unsure about that path as well. Browsing the many assistant positions to this A-List Director or at that top notch production company, nothing jumped out and nothing seemed to hold the next step for what I want to do. Certainly, I am not in the position of looking for new jobs at the moment, but it is a little unsettling to look at what is out there now and not find a logical future path. Then again, is anyone really supposed to know what they want to do with their life when they are 24 years old? Isn't it only natural that I am constantly questioning my strengths, interests, and yes--money making capabilities?

Maybe my next job is... blogging for money? It seems to have worked for some people. But what makes my opinions on life any more authoritative than say, a friend who blogs in New York, or Perez Hilton, or the Huffington Post even? That's just it, you see, my arguments, grievances, and general life commentaries aren't necessarily any more relevant than anyone else's. If only I could figure out a way to make a living from doing this... if any one of my 20 daily readers has any suggestions or request, advice is welcome. Until then, I look forward to the next existential crisis of the day, likely to take place sometime before lunch.

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