Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Defamer's Secret Agenda, CAA vs. UTA?

Can anyone confirm that Defamer (part of the Gawker webiverse of publishing) is represented by UTA? Some CAA assistants mentioned this to me a while back, as an explanation for Defamer's constant ragging on the lovely Death Star. It is fitting, if you think about the constant digs on CAA and suggestions that they microwave babies for lunch. Amusing sure, but a little fishy if you ask me. This article only makes me wonder... Sure Defamer is attempting to defend themselves vs. CAA vs. FOX vs. Nikki Finke (God bless this lovely and bizarre industry) but I find it strangely suspicious that UTA is hardly ever ripped into, especially considering the recent agent changes that went on there. Food for thought.

(And I realize if you ain't in the Biz you probably won't give a shit about any of this. Humor me. Actually I don't really care either. Huh.)

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