Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries, Facebook edition

The people at Gawker (bless their souls) have just blown Facebook wide open. Apparently if you go to your home page and in the search space just hit the down arrow (or for me the space key worked), 5 names pop up that would appear to be the 5 people who search for you most frequently. FASCINATING. I know who is stalking me now (you, reader, should be alarmed, because it could be YOU. Actually it would appear these are people who aren't actually frequent blog readers. I guess you readers get your fill of me right here).

Actually this is one of many theories as to what is really going on. Maybe it's the 5 people you search for most, or the 5 people who are most compatible with you (heh?) but I think it just has to be the 5 people who procrastinate their work by stalking you. I wonder what lists I show up on, because I am a pretty consistent Facebook stalker... Oooh oooh! Tell me if I show up on yours! This could be fun... and creepy. I love it!

Update 1:20 pm PST
(Courtesy the intrepid Shelby Woo:)
Gawker posted the article at 1:08.
Ktringe read about it at 3:15. (10,000 views logged)
Emailed all of you at 3:19.
Facebook disabled feature at 3:49 p.m.
Gawker article logged 20,000+ views as of 4:00 p.m.

This mystery may never be solved... (and yes, I just tried and Facebook has attempted to disable the glitch. HOWEVER, try a different arrow and see what you find...)


Amy said...

stamos, i think you should take this post down. i dont want others to learn about this little trick from you!

if you decide not to take it down, maybe you should out the people who stalk you.

Georgia Jolink said...

now it just says the 5 people who come first alphabetically amongst my friends, first name first. weird.......