Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Han Solo/Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford

This morning I went crazy. Not really, but I was just very OFF. Like when putting together my snacks for the work day I had serious difficulty locating a bag of carrots in my fridge, so much so that I had to ask my roommate for help (sorry Ashleigh). I then nearly caused not one, but two accidents, once while pulling out of my apartment building and again when trying to parallel park in front of the Starbucks on San Vicente by the Brentwood Country Mart.

Speaking of, the Brentwood Country Mart officially rivals the West Hollywood Equinox for Most Likely Place to See a Celebrity (or something). After a crappy parallel parking job I walked to the Starbucks, noting two bicyclists riding by. As they rode past, a car pulling out of the lot stopped and waited for them as well. One of the bikers waved and then said to his friend, "hey that's Harrison Ford!" Thanks to my high powered hearing skills I caught this little aside and whipped my head around just in time to get a glimpse of Indiana Jones himself (you'll always be Han Solo to me Harrison). How exciting! He looks like any other older guy, seemed pretty nice letting those bikers pass, and was driving a pretty standard looking Mercedes station wagon.

Then I had to wait for fifteen minutes in line for a latte (and a small one too because the Starbucks sizes confuse me and I always order tall when I should order grande, but wouldn't you think the tall would be tall?) and then I had the lengthy commute to work at which point I interrupted my dad in a meeting to tell him about Han Solo. He didn't care.

So that's that. Harrison Ford! Interestingly enough, and surprisingly--considering my established dork status, I am not sure I even want to see the new Indiana Jones. I loved the first three but feel pretty meh about this one. It was never the film trilogy that captured my heart when growing up. That of course, was Star Wars. Yes, I spent my formative years loving droids, ewoks, the Death Star, the ice planet Hoth, the symphonies of John Williams, and the power of the force. And Han Solo, who looks far less cool in a benz wagon than in the Millennium Falcon.

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