Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Musings

Memorial Day Weekend is nearly upon us, and its passing marks the unofficial beginning of summer. During my youth (let's pretend 24 is old for now) I recall spending Memorial Day marching in the local parade. Sometimes with the pep band. I played the saxophone. That's awkward... moving on.

Memorial Day Weekend in Maine, or actually anywhere in New England, is usually a beautiful rainy weekend or a beautiful sunny weekend--regardless the weather, it always strikes me as just a lovely span of three days to enjoy spring and the approaching summer months.

Well, this is the first summer where I don't have summer, and that my friends is a miserable concept. Unlike summers past, spent on Maine, Martha's Vineyard or on some elaborate outward bound type camping trip or community service journey to a third world country, this summer I will be spending my days at my desk, wistfully looking at the window's of my bosses off (when he leaves the door open), brightening my day by wearing bright colors, and drinking as much water as possible (because going to the bathroom every half hour helps the pass the time). Some possible benefits of a summer spent at the office include decreased skin cancer risk (I can feed my tanorexia as efficiently when I can't get to the beach every day) and decreased liver problems (less drinking). Side effects are healthy it would seem.

Regardless of the impending doom of a summer spent staring at a computer, I have no doubt Summer '08 will be one for the books. And I am not talking about the new Indiana Jones movie (I actually couldn't care less), or even the new X-Files movie (I couldn't care more) but just about LA, where fortunately after weekend feels like summer even when it isn't. LA is summer all year round...

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