Friday, May 23, 2008

Why Entertainment Weekly Should Hire Me

Please click on this link and begin watching the video.

After you've done so, imagine, me doing just what those two Entertainment Weekly bloggers/reporters/scribes just did. Now think about it... wouldn't you so rather watch me playing Wii Fit? No offense to Michael Slezak and Annie Barrett (whose writing I always enjoy because yes I am an EW stalker and know far too much about their staff) but personally, I think I am a much more attractive candidate for these sorts of EW-only videos. In fact, I think the magazine could really benefit from taking me on. Blogger extraordinaire, happy to mug for the camera, willing and ready to share my opinions on The Hills, Celine Dion and pop culture as a means of curing world suffering... I am primed and ready to bring the bold claims of Jaw Wired Shut to the greater public (not that my daily average of 40 readers or so isn't so bad--but I'm ready for the next step, if I can toot my own horn here... toot toot).

How about this: let's start a campaign to get me hired as a video blogger/staff writer for Entertainment Weekly. It's the missing piece they never knew they needed! Details for the Petition to Hire Annie Stamell are forthcoming... until then... just bombard their website with links to my blog? Maybe that will work...

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