Friday, June 20, 2008

Can I be your nanny?

This morning while stopping at the Brentwood Country Mart for a cup of coffee, I decided to forgo the usual Starbucks or its neighbor Le Pain Quotidien (that's Han Solo's coffee shop du jour) and try out the City Bakery, which is in institution back in New York (especially for it's magically rich hot chocolate). While walking in I notice a very pretty mom getting her adorable daughter of the car, not giving the pair much further thought while I wandered into the restaurant/shop. I browsed some of the juice selections then made my way over to the counter to order and notice this adorable mom was actually Helen Hunt and her daughter. They were the most precious little duo ever. The daughter was a peach, full of energy and really excited about her morning pastry. Ms. Hunt seemed really nice and normal and on my way out I passed them sitting on a picnic table outside and it was honestly the perfect portrait of a mother and a daughter. I really wanted to walk up to them and say, "Hi. Can I get in on this happy bubble? Do you need a nanny? Because I make squatters at my current job and could use a burst of whatever sort of happy juice you folks are drinking." But nope, didn't say any of that. Kind of like the time I imagined I accidentally hit Harrison Ford's car and while crying and telling him I was REALLY stressed he offered me a really high-paying job with some great hours and benefits. See the one I should really hope I get a random job offer from is Spielberg... maybe next time.

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