Monday, June 02, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Prior to my life as a career girl (ew), I did not enjoy doctor's appointments. They were always a nuisance, an imposition, or an unwanted yet necessary event. However, these days I love going to the doctor. Let's be honest, anything that gets me out of work for a little while is fine by me. Especially for the doctor, an appointment your boss cannot contest. Recently, due to being sick and because it's that time of year I get a physical, I feel as though I've been going more frequently. Hey, I'll take it. I get to sleep in a little and after seeing the doc (which is conveniently located three blocks down the street) I can walk around to pick up a coffee or some breakfast and actually enjoy the morning. It's quite lovely. This morning I was watching all the people who sit in Starbucks and lazily sip their beverages while typing away on their computers, and I have to say--I am envious. What a nice life to be a writer, and to be able to spend days in coffee shops to do your work, rather than an over air conditioned office.

Then again, I've been there--during those days of unemployment, I spent far too much time sitting on the sofa with my computer, permanently dressed in workout clothes, (whether or not I was actually headed to the gym) just trying to "network" aka send mass quantities of emails to all my fabulous "connections." In retrospect, I should have spent that time writing like all the other pretentious LA writers. It could have been fun. I could have started wearing glasses and scarves and skinny jeans and talked about existential crises... wait a minute... I do all of those things... well, I wear sunglasses... and I don't seem to ever do all these at once... Hmm......

Anyway, LA's a great city to have a job that doesn't have conventional hours or locale. A job that I don't have... Woe is me. Onto existential crisis #2 of the morning... Dammit Mondays, why do you put me in this funk?

I have some more appointment's to schedule... I am using "slightly elevated levels in cholesterol" as an excuse to see some more docs... maybe a nutritionist... acupuncturist... chiropractor... herbalist...

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