Thursday, June 26, 2008

Free Association


What's up? I am braindead. Seriously. I have nothing of any interest or relevance or worthiness to share. Nothing. As I type I am trying to think of things... hmmm... nope, no nothing.

Okay free association...

I want to throw a party for myself. Yes, I am self-involved. No but really. It's fun to throw parties for yourself. You get to control the when, the where, and most importantly--the who (or in my case I tend to invite everyone I know). And if it works, it's just oh so wonderful. I just need an occasion...

It's funny I was just thinking about all the informal meetings and various interviews I have been on during my time in LA, or while I've been in the real world. I think the only time I have ever worn a suit on an interview was actually when I was still in college and I was applying to a very large PR agency. That's something that I have always marveled at with LA. Every interview I have ever been on, I've almost always been more dressed up then the person interviewing me. I love that about this city. New Yokers--take note. Things are better when it's business casual (I should needle point that onto a pillow).

When I was studying abroad in Switzerland, all over the country, no matter what city you were in, you could always find a fountain in the middle of the street with potable water. And it was the freshest, coldest, most naturally delicious water. I miss waiting for the train to head to school and filling up my water bottle at the station near my house. I love fresh, cold water. Well, duh, who doesn't... but there is something remarkable about spring water. And I am probably romanticizing fountains in Switzerland. I mean life is pretty damn fantastic when you are studying abroad.

After this weekend I better understood why so many Los Angelenos spend their weekends hanging out by pools and not at the beach. Sure the beaches here are vast and huge and you can almost always spot some dolphins swimming, but they are also riddled with pollution. Santa Monica Bay is especially disgusting. And it's a ridiculous trek to the water's edge. Like, really, must the sand extend for that many feet until it meets the ocean? I feel like someone told me that the beaches are partially artificial and someone dumped a lot of that sand there. In my opinion, terrible idea.

The new Coldplay album is currently on repeat in my brain. Yes, I listen to Coldplay and I love it and all those snobs who think if you like Coldplay you are gay (per The 40 Year Virgin) can just shut up because, admit it, everyone likes Coldplay.

This time next week I will be in Martha's Vineyard. California, I love you, but my oh my I have missed the East Coast and it will be a long overdue homecoming.

All I got for now. It's been a long week.

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A.W. said...

"Santa Monica Bay is especially disgusting"

The Promenade, The Pier, creepy teens stuck in the 80's, and Mexies visiting from the Inland Empire.

Let's face it: Hollywood is retro cool and Malibu is where all your lies come true.