Monday, June 30, 2008

Pollution of Olympic Proportions

So I was just reading this article about an algae bloom off the coast of China, in waters intended for Olympic events this July, and I can't help but notice another reference to the extreme pollution in China, and the problems this is creating for the upcoming Summer Olympics. I also heard a little while ago that Olympic runners have been training for these Olympics by running behind buses, to inhale gas fumes, to better prepare themselves for the air condition.

Here's a thought... did anyone, at any point, say "Hmm.... Beijing, eh? Maybe not such a good idea for the most prestigious and challenging sporting event in the world?"

Nope. It would appear no one said this. (Nor did anyone say,
Hmm China, helping to keep millions of people dying in Darfur every day.)

Because who doesn't love inhaling exhaust fumes.

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