Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something Delicious For Under $1!

Hey friends, are you strapped for cash like me? Last night, whilst I pumped gas to a total fee of $56 I was happy. Yes, happy. Why? Because in my hand was a lovely McDonald's Ice Cream Cone, Chocolate Dipped, that I had just purchased for a mere 96 cents.

That's right, I eat at McDonald's. For the occasional treat--I will stop at this fast food behemoth and splurge (but not with my wallet) on a milkshake or vanilla cone. It's delectable, delicious, yes--it's delovely. The milkshakes sometimes make me feel sick and the syrup in the hot fudge sundaes can be chemically sweet, but the vanilla cone is just right. Last night I discovered the chocolate dip which is a lot like that Magic Shell stuff you can by in the store (only better). It totally satisfied my dessert craving, was a nice smaller size, and was less than $1. Nice to know that these days you can still find good stuff for under $1. Yes, at McDonald's you get the bang for your buck. And that makes me happy.

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