Thursday, June 12, 2008


1. Lakers suck
2. I realize that I never explained why I actually had my jaw wired shut (actually I didn't even have it wired shut, nowadays they use extremely tight rubber bands over the surgical hooks attached to the orthodontics for the procedure) and it was after I had maxillofacial surgery to correct a Class C underbite... or something.
3. I have a problem of staring at people driving the cars on my morning commute. Like every car I pass I will turn to stare at the driver. Creepy or just taking advantage of any people watching I can get?
4. I saw Harrison Ford again this morning and for an older dude, I am not a fan of his earring.
5. I forget what it's like to be in the hot, humid, sticky New York City weather... that's such a great thing. No complaints here.
6. The Sex and the City movie was completely overrated. They should have ended it at the TV show.
7. The best part about working in an office is the water cooler. I LOVE THE WATER COOLER. I want to get one at home. I mean, it's brilliant. For example this morning I was like, "huh, I want to drink some Emergen-C--oh cold water" and then I thought "hmm I could go for some oatmeal right now" and BAM hot water! IT'S GENIUS.
8. Thursday is such a tease...

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