Monday, June 23, 2008

The Truth Is Out There (In 5 Weeks)

Okay so you know how I always talk about how I am a huge geek and a loser and a tool and love sci-fi and fantasy, etc etc etc? Well, last night I was safely reassured I am far, (we're talking miles) from being a true fangirl geek. You know what, it feels pretty great to suddenly know that I am an obsessed fan, but I'm not one of those fans. (See photo below). I mean, I'm pretty normal as far as the normal scale goes, like to think I am up on the trends, and what it is the cool kids are into these days, and I just happen to become obsessed with various things on the side. I mean, I' m no hot Hollywood insider, and I'm by no means a hipster, even though I will wear a belt around a big tee shirt and call it a dress.

Where was I? RIGHT, last night. Last night I dragged my brother with me to the LA Film Festival's "Sneak Peak, The X-Files: I Want to Believe" at the lovely Majestic Crest theater in Westwood. We got to the theater a little under an hour early, thinking we would hang in Borders or something until we'd go in. Well we get there and the line is around the corner. As we approach the throng of people, I start noticing all the X-Files t-shirts and hear snippets of conversation like "hey did you see that girl we met in San Diego [insert--at Comic Con] was at the front of the line?" or "Chris Carter should be in politics he's so good at evading questions." Let me tell you something, those long lingering X-Files fanatics are a bunch of eager beavers. A lot of women too. They all love that David Duchovny.

Ah yes, David Duchovny--the man, the myth, the monotone. I am not going to lie, he's fantastic. Very funny, smart, entertaining. Totally worth dealing with the crazy fans to watch him and writer/director/creator Chris Carter interact and talk about shooting the film.

Anyway, we watched two clips from the film that revealed slim to nothing about the plot, and then listened to Carter and Producer Frank Spotnitz avoid answering any questions that gave anything away. They are really crazy about keeping this movie under wraps. I respect that, but at the same time, I can't help but wonder, who else besides longtime fans are going to go see the new film? I guess because it's being pegged as a stand-alone thriller movie, it could appeal to a lot of people. It doesn't sound like there's much nostalgia in it either. In any case, it's about five weeks until the movie is out and it's doubtful that any juicy information will leak before then.

In sum, it was fun and my brother was a trooper for coming with me. We both suffered a lot of second-hand embarrassment during the whole Q & A section (X-Files fans lack social awareness, which should come as no surprise) and couldn't take the over-eager female fans much longer, but it was interesting and entertaining, and as I said--very reassuring. I am nowhere near the loser I was concerned I might be (no offense to all those fans, I respect your level of commitment!). I also realized I could never last a day at Comic Con, at least not as fan. I just wouldn't belong. Last night I had a lot of trouble not laughing in people's faces. Especially the chick with the Yoda backpack. Here's the thing--I might be a huge dork, but I'm totally self-aware, and as much as I think I am fully embracing my geek side, it will never be the extent of any of those other crazies in the crowd last night. God bless 'em.

Oh and this guy was standing in front of me in line:

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