Friday, July 18, 2008

Approaching Goal Deadline, Time to Call in a Favor

Okay people. That goal of mine to go to The X-Files premiere, well that date is FAST approaching and things aren't looking up. First of all, word on the street is that invites to the premiere are non transferrable which means I either need to be very good at disguises or someone needs to invite me as their guest. Which means I need help.


I can just go with all the hilarious crazy fans who are going to dress up and see it, not quite the same but still an experience and I can get my tickets for a showing at the Arclight in Hollywood, right? WRONG. I just checked and ALL TIMES ARE SOLD OUT! Whatever is a crazed X-Files fan today? Who well help me in my quest? I'm like Mulder and Scully but instead of the truth, I'm looking for a movie seat. Eh, what will probably happen is I'll just go to the standard AMC down the road with the normal plebians. So be it.

However, if anyone has any ideas how to make my hilarious X-Files goals come anywhere close to true... let me know. I am imagine the truth is out there. (Aren't I hilaaaarious).

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