Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight, Or, That Time A Movie Caused Me Personal Injury

I was one of the many who contributed to The Dark Knight's box office blowout this past weekend (while we're on it, can I take a moment to point out how hilariously dramatic Nikke Finke is? That lady is SERIOUS about her numbers crunching and about out-scooping all scoop. She needs a day off or something) and I agree with the masses-it was an outstanding moviegoing experience, a fantastic film, and Heath Ledger is sure to get an Oscar nomination, at the least (and has anyone else seen the hilarious photo of Batman v. Joker on the cover of today's Hollywood Reporter? It's an odd screen shot, as though Heath is swimming/dangling by rope and maybe they're about to make out... never mind, it's just weird).

Anyhoo, there was one of those moments in the film, you know--the kind where the director is quite effective in freaking you out, making you JUMP in your seat--when I did just that, I jumped in my seat and gasped (I am a very invovled film viewer, clearly) and once I'd calmed down a little bit, I couldn't quite figure it out but my chest, as in my bruised sternum, was suddenly a sharp shooting pain. It seemed as though my exact sitting position while engrossingly following The Dark Knight was eerily similar to the position I was in during my recent car accident, and thus I was in severe pain, as though I had reinjured myself. Talk about interactive viewing!

Okay, so I didn't actually hurt myself, but I definitely did something that didn't help the soreness factor of said chest contusion.

Conclusion: The Dark Knight kicks (your) ass.

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