Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day

I would rate Wednesday as the #2 worst day of the week after Monday. No matter what time I go to bed or what the preceeding days have been like, waking up Wednesday morning is almost always near to impossible.

I am a big user and abuser of the snooze button. I probably snooze every morning for a minimum of a half hour. I always go to bed with the intention that I'll get right up to my alarm in the morning, but that rarely happens. Wednesday mornings there isn't a shot in the dark of that happening. In fact this morning I snoozed for an hour, with not one but three alarms. Highly disruptive and unnecessary? But of course. By the time I finally did wake up I decided to spend some morning time on the interwebs, and about fifteen minutes into that any chance of a shower was long gone. So here I am, just about a week into the new job and am making my first non-showered appearance. This would probably be okay if not for my hair. I wouldn't say I am someone with especially greasy hair, so fortunately I don't have to battle that issue (at least until around day 2 of no showering, then it's definitely problematic--but I try not to let it get that far). The biggest issue is that I seem to run marathons in my sleep and without fail wake up each morning with a certifiable rat's nest. Esepcially if I wear my hair curly the day before, which really means I just don't brush it.

For example, this morning: I wore my hair curly yesterday, which means I had not run a comb through it since Monday morning around 7 am. Therefore when I woke up this morning, due to untamed nappy curls and all the head banging I seem to do while sleeping, the 'do is a little on the south side of pretty. In fact, I'm rocking a borderline comb-over. The Donald's got nothin' on me.

Wait a minute, I can't believe you just read about my current hairstyle for what, a few minutes? I do apologize. But see it's Hump Day and I am pretty sure I am only half awake at the moment and an exploratory post on my morning hair styles seems to be all I can offer at the moment.

Oh and I just watched the new trailer for The Hills so that's dumbed me down a little bit I imagine. That show is so vapid it's contagious. I love it. You know you do to.

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