Friday, July 11, 2008

Ode to WALL-E

I love when a book, a movie, or a piece of music can unexpectedly blow you away. Every few years I think I read a book that touches my heart; a story that somehow reaches my being in a very profound experience. I know that sounds HEAVY and dramatic (and is pretty poorly articulated), but really--I mean it! When I first read Life of Pi, I felt that way. And then earlier this year I read Shantaram and again had an experience where I found a book so beautifully executed that it touched me through and through (at the moment I am reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road and WOW).

Anyways, this afternoon I saw WALL-E and I had a similar experience. I remember in college when Finding Nemo came out. I love that movie for some sentimental reasons, but it is also a beautiful film, something that had a very pure magical effect. WALL-E was the same. I was glued to the screen throughout, blown over by the beauty, the humor, the cleverness, the whimsical characters, the message, the love. I have this weird unconscious tendency to put my right hand over my heart when I am feeling especially moved... there's a scene in WALL-E in which WALL-E and EVE "define dancing" and I found myself doing this--it's like a nervous tick but I seem to do this when I am really invested in the moment. And there I was, totally caught up in the magic of the film. (I realize this sounds especially corny and depicts me as a total softy, but I'll own up to it! It was that good!)

I think it's not often that we are so deeply touched by a piece of art. Sure, movies can have lasting impressions, but to walk away feeling in love with a film--I think that's rare. It happens more often with books (for me), but it was so wonderful to find that awe and become enamored in a story like WALL-E. Seriously, everyone should see this film. It will brighten your day, even when you aren't in need of brightening.


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