Monday, July 28, 2008


If you were wondering who was that dashing young lady driving the beat up Mitshibushi Galant, headed East on Olympic Blvd this morning, why, that was me!

No, I didn't get a new car this weekend. I did log some hours with two very dutiful friends at Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagon. Of the three, the salespeople at Honda made me want to kill myself, while Luis at Toyota and Eddie at VW proved to be great guys we just wanted to hang out with. Luis even brought out some cool books of his hometown in Brazil. And then he told me it was a possible two month wait for the Prius. Nice try Luis.

So anyway, I find myself in a hardly changed position on the new-car front. Pretty sure I am not going to be getting the Honda Civic Hybrid anytime soon (thanks to Maggie, aka the degenerative sales lady at Honda who attempted to tell us that the government was lying. And then I was forced to deal with her terrible manager Andy who had a flavor savor and was the kind of guy where if you looked up "douchebag" in the dictionary you might find his smart ass photo). So now it's a toss up between more expensive, longer wait, but kick ass fuel usage/environmentally conciousness (Prius), or slightly cheaper, very European (fun switching over to drive it manually) available RIGHT NOW (Jetta).

But back to the Mitsubishi Galant currently in my possession. What a POS that thing is. I got it from the lovely Rent-a-Wreck and have it for a week (unless it dies on me) for a very budget price. Alright!

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