Friday, August 01, 2008

Father Knows Best

This morning I get an email from my dad entitled "Chewy" with the following message inside:

Isn't this your dog?

Ah Dad, again, so clever. The backstory would be that I have grand plans of naming my first dog Chewbacca and calling him Chewy. If I have two I might call another one Wookie. Or maybe Bobba Fett? I'm sure there are countless other Star Wars fans who've chosen similar names for their pets, but whatever.

Pet of my past would be the following:

Stripey, cat (was given away because he was evil)
Zanzibar, cat (My brother's first words: "Zanzi eat mouse, head all gone")
Chutney, cat (She was beautiful)
Maizie, yellow lab (I grew up with Maizie. She used to stand guard by my crib.)
Gravy, cat (Was enormous and had the most incredible personality)
Tinker, cat (My favorite cat--I hold a very special place in my heart for Tinker)
Ren, fish (Few memories)
Stimpy, fish (Again, few memories)
Hoover, yellow lab (He was AWESOME. And so fat he looked like a seal with legs.)
Mr. Man, fish (Lived for a surprisingly long period of time)
Mr. Man II, fish (And thus all future fish shall be named Mr. Man)
Neva, cat, still living, in my brother's possession (We have a love-hate relationship)
Moon, cat, still living somewhere (The devil incarnate, belonged to former Roomie #2, was given away)

Hmm, I forgot about that time I loved Ren & Stimpy. What a show that was! Seriously twisted if I remember correctly. Here's the intro (which one's the cat and which is the dog again?):

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