Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Morning, Welcome to Hell

This morning was... interesting. It began with my alarm clock going off much too early, me snoozing for a half hour then barging into DiTonto's room to awaken her with my own rendition of "O What a Beautiful Morning!" from Oklahoma. I don't have a good singing voice in the early morning.

Thus began the 7 levels of hell, by which of course I mean the seven times I was transferred to various departments within Verizon, none of which were capable of solving the problem at hand--getting our recently installed internet to work. Around transfer #6 I declared, "I am extraordinarily frustrated right now so why don't we skip ahead to the part where you tell me how to fix my internet!" Because who has time for constant formalities anyway?

Finaly 1 hour and 9 minuts of phone time later, success! Internet was ours for the taking. And all I wanted to do at the time was upgrade my iTunes, download volumes of music and maybe pirate some TV shows but instead I had to get ready for work.

Breakfast on the road consisted of a Capri Sun and a granola bar. Happy Friday.

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