Monday, August 11, 2008

How Direct TV Changed My Life (Well, Last Night... a little bit)

Saturday morning I spent 6 hours waiting for the Direct TV technician to come install our new satellite service. While Ashleigh and I bitched and moaned that he was supposed to arrive by noon at the latest (I mean honestly we had big plans to go to Malibu) we also found ourselves lamenting that there weren’t enough pretzels in the munchie mix we were enjoying. We were also in our pool loungers with really no due reason for our many complaints, especially when one of our neighbors handed us a case of Bud Light, just because he’s a nice guy.

All was made right when at last Eli arrived to install the best TV programming ever. EVER. Seriously. We went from no channels to thousands of channels (I think it’s actually around 600 or so) and from playing cards on the balcony to watching people playing cards. Actually that’s not true... we didn’t watch anyone playing cards but I bet we now have a channel where we could watch other people playing cards if we wanted to (that channel is probably just ESPN2 or something but for the moment I am going to pretend there is some totally sweet card-playing channel).

Anyway, the true benefits of DirectTV didn’t kick in until last night (for Ashleigh it was after going out Saturday night when she fell asleep watching the Olympics and didn’t move from that sofa until close to noon the next day). Last night I realized with our new service that we now had access to one of my favorite channels ever, Fuel TV.

Fuel is AWESOME. Pretty much it’s all about extreme sports. It plays endless hours of surfing, skateboarding, biking, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skiing, etc. It is so easy to just turn on the channel and become totally mesmerized by whatever is happening onscreen. Last night, thanks to Fuel TV, I watched the surfing documentary Riding Giants. And last night, thanks to Fuel TV and Laird Hamilton, I decided that I am going to quit my job, and move to Hawaii’s North Shore, in pursuit of big waves.

Okay not really, but kind of. Have you seen that movie? It is a fascinating look at the history of surfing, and profiles some of the big wave surfers who revolutionized the sport. It’s got some incredible footage, a great soundtrack and some interesting interviews with all the guys who helped bring surfing to the mainstream. Last night I dreamt about surfing and this morning when I woke up before my alarm I contemplated taking the board in my living room (that I have gotten on once) down to the beach for a pre-work surf. Then I went back to sleep. Thing is, I don’t actually know how to surf. But oh how I plan to learn.

Thanks to Direct TV I can now watch all the Fuel (in HD of course) I want—which means hours more of surfing, skateboarding (I watched a cool segment on dudes skating in empty pools yesterday) and hopefully some skiing. And of course if I am looking for mainstream sports—the Olympics! And even though I thought I didn’t love the summer games, I couldn’t help getting into them over the weekend.

Right now my head is thinking, all sports, all the time. Thank you satellite...

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