Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is it... Could it be? Am I over the Hills?

While watching The Hills last night I couldn’t notice a strange sensation sneaking up on me. I tried to ignore the feeling while I watched Lauren’s shock and awe when Speidi surprised Stephanie Pratt at her birthday. I tried to fend it off when observing Whitney’s crazy ass boss get all Devil Wears Prada on her team. And I really tried to deny the slow dawning realization of a new truth watching Audrina debate the impending World War III, or in her terms “dark hairs vs. light hairs.” (So articulate that one). But I couldn’t fight it and I can’t deny it.

I think I might be over The Hills. It sucks. Like really sucks. As in, the Speidi obsession with hating Lauren (seriously—Spencer referring to LC as the girl he hates most in the world or something like that) just had me wondering... wasn’t that last season, or two seasons ago? Can’t the dredge up some other faux drama to make new subplots with?

I mean obviously I am going to keep watching, if not only to see what color She-Pratt’s skin will be next week (seriously honey, lay off the coffee, cigarettes, and self-tanner, like yesterday). But I do feel that my love/hate for the show has now turned into hate/love. If that makes any sense... You know, these post-episode responses are nearly as vapid as the subjects that I am not even sure my blogging is worth it. But let’s see how I feel next week, shall we?

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