Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lactose Intolerant... Or am I?

Recently I have started telling people I am lactose intolerant. I am not sure this is actually a fact, as I seem to sometimes eat cheese, ice cream, milk, and other dairy products without any problem. BUT, I sometimes eat cheese, ice cream, milk, and other dairy products and I have a LOT of problems.

According to some book I read once (or maybe in some article in some newspaper) everyone is actually a little bit lactose intolerant and we either grow out of it or into it. I might be making that up, but it seems to suit my situation. Like I think I might be a little lactose intolerant.

But that won't stop me from having some frozen yogurt later on. No, sir. I might pay for it with 20 minutes of buckled-over pain, but I don't believe in self-deprevation. Unless I am doing the master cleanse or something. Then it's cool.

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Shannon Sullivan said...

hey there. it's shannon, we studied abroad together and yes, I read your blog. it's awesome. anyways, your lactose intolerance on occaision could be from bad bacterial flora in your intestine/food combination. dairy can basically create a baking soda and vinegar volcano in your stomach if you eat it with lots of sugar or something really basic (some fruits/veggies/tofu). watch what you eat it with and grab some probiotics at whole foods and it should help. anyways, really enjoy reading this when i have the chance. hope you're well!