Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Return of Huey Lewis & The News

I couldn't be more thrilled right now. I was just tooling around on my iphone (working hard, right?) and was browsing some of the new tunes available on iTunes (wow Apple sure does have a hold over me) and am so pumped that Huey Lewis & The News have a brand new track written just for Pineapple Express.


I love Huey Lewis. Not enough to fork over around $50 two summers ago to see him in Boston (boy was I cheap then--granted I was an intern making $10/hr which is sadly not too far off from what I make now), but enough to convince my roommates that we NEED a framed photo of Huey Lewis for our apartment. Ashleigh went a step further and ordered an issue of Rolling Stone from 1984 with Huey himself on the cover. It's going to be AWESOME.

And now I am going to download this hot new jam... oh wait, no I am not. It's available on "Album Only." Damn you iTunes, that's $10 that can be used to payoff one of the many car-related fees I owe right now.

Yep, still that cheap.

And here's Huey Lewis & The News, performing the new single on Jimmy Kimmel recently. God his hair looks great.

P.S. Pineapple Express is the kind of POT they are smoking (apparently). hehehehe.

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Anonymous said...

I BOW to Huey Lewis. One of the few born a white JB. Do not miss "The Heart Of Rock And Roll". It reminds me of why I get up in the morning.--Sam