Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Favorite Season: Fall TV

I am just bursting with joy and excitement and happy happy happiness this morning my friends! Why O Why? BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! It's premiere season, as in TV premieres. HURRAH!

It started last week with Gossip Girl and 90210, and then Sunday was Entourage and tonight is Fringe and that silly new CW show Privleged and before we know it all the other greats and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK and GREY'S ANATOMY and oh my goodness gracious. I hardly watched any television all summer (especially that month there when we didn't have cable or internet) and had completely forgotten how wonderful new shows are. In a few months I am sure my nightly watching will be way down from what it is now, but I am just SO EXCITED FOR ALL THESE SHOWS. Sad truth: me and the roomies DVR upwards of 15 shows. FOR REALZ. I am going to blame my career. I am supposed to watch them all, okaaaaay? Grrrrrrrreat.

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