Monday, September 08, 2008

Per Russell Brand, "Britney Spears is the female Jesus Christ!"

Not so sure I agree with the above statement, but I will say this: after struggling through various chunks of the excessive and over-produced (and as usual, underwhelming) VMAs last night, Britney Spears, WELL DONE. I remember watching the trainwreck that was Spears last year, from my grandparents home in Florida, seriously embarassed for Britney, myself, and our country. While similar feelings of embarassment coursed through my veins last night, I was almost *almost* proud of Britney. I still think she's a walking trash bag, a train wreck, and sort of a mess overall, but she's definitely looking better and totally had her shit together last night. GOOD FOR YOU BRITNEY.

Russell Brand: I too am plagued by rats' nests in my hair, and I suggest combing it while using conditioner in the shower. Not sure you shower, but maybe you should. Just a thought.

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