Monday, October 13, 2008

Allergy Attack

Gooooood morning. Wish it was. Wish I wasn't mid-allergy attack at the moment (in case you thought my extreme levels of nerdiness couldn't increase any further: they can), but apparently it's now fall in LA, and much like the changing of seasons back East, fall always causes me to suffer incapacitating bouts of allergies. So much so that on the way to work this morning I contemplated turning around and calling in sick. (I was also half-asleep after OD-ing on Benadryl last night).

Of course someone just told me they heard it was going to be in the 80s today, which agains reminds me that LA's "season's" are fake. And entirely NOT dependable. That's okay though.

I was saying to a friend yesterday that there are moments when I look back on a day--the people I spend it with, the weather, the things I did--and I think I absolutely could die happy here...

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