Thursday, October 16, 2008

And now for something completely different

Okay folks, time to lighten the mood a little bit before I turn this blog into all-politics all the time. Because if you haven’t guessed it by now, the reason I am going to Pahrump, Nevada this weekend is because I am volunteering with the Obama Campaign to canvas undecided voters. I am sure I’ll return with many interesting stories.

Until then, let’s switch gears to some lighter topics. Here are some things I would be happy to discuss:

(1) My fantastic new hot pink skinny leg corduroys from J. Crew that I am wearing right now. So fierce.
(2) Today is my last day to chew gum for a while because as of tomorrow morning I am wearing an Invisalign lower retainer ALL THE TIME for about the next 8 weeks. Like I said, I shall forever be plagued by orthodontia.
(3) I have the attention span of a 12-year-old.
(4) I refuse to put the license plates on my new car in hopes I will never be caught driving through yellow lights that just change to red.
(5) Friday Night Lights has ruined all other television for me because it is so far superior.
(6) Have you heard? The bird is the word.
(7) In a related note, I am sick of not enough of my friends/co-workers/people I bump into not picking up on my hilarious Family Guy references.
(8) My ability to go to the Farmer’s Market and spend no more than two dollars thanks to my finely-tuned skills at tasting and sampling but NEVER BUYING.
(9) Today my orthodontist asked me if I was a student and I love that I still appear to be a lil’ young’un.
(10) I love my job.
(11) I am so over the mid-90 temperatures in LA. Last night I spent a few minutes walking around my room in my favorite fall coat.
(12) This is where I will be staying Friday night: Saturday night? We're winging it. Translation: a night at a motel in Vegas, a night in Vegas sans motel, a sand dune in Death Valley, or my car. Or we'll just drive through the night back to LA. WHO KNOWS. I am just bristling with excitement.

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