Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get me outta here

Remember that time I was freaking out over the earthquake and threatening to leave California? Well, don't think those sentiments have disappeared just yet. Per this article, "California is due for a Katrina-style disaster." NOT COOL.

I'm thinking once I've put in a solid two years at this job I will be getting out of this town as fast as I can. Unless McCain wins the election, in which case you can come visit me in France soon.

Places I am considering moving to? Here's a list, and in a fairly accurate rank of what I am considering:

Austin, TX
New Zealand
New York City
Aspen, CO
Capetown, South Africa

American cities are likely if Obama is president. European cities (and elsewhere) if he does not. Why Austin, TX? Well one of my closest friends from college is from there and I loved it when I visited. It has a lot of appeal. The two major detractors would be the insane heat and the fact that it's pretty landlocked, but I don't think Austin would be a permanent move. I'd just like to live in Texas for a little while (this has nothing to do with Friday Night Lights. Okay, it has a little to do with it). I like that idea.


Georgia Jolink said...

you are thinking of moving to Austin?? can we talk about this???

ramsay said...

aspen is way too far down