Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things That Make Me Sad

OMG they are discontinuing my most favorite of all the American Girl dolls: Samantha. Why was she my favorite? Well isn't that OBV? She was so pretty with like THE BEST hair and bangs and had such precious outfits and ate things like petit-fours which meant she was obviously wealthy (unlike that faux-Swedish Kirsten chick or Molly McIntire who was really just budget World War II Samantha with glasses) and the prettiest of all the dolls and by the time I was 10 I think I owned every piece in her collection and THEREFORE SHE WAS THE BEST. Although when they came out with Felicity I was SO JEALOUS of her red hair--but that was when I was younger and before I knew that you should NEVER TRUST A GINGER.

Oh and also Samantha was awesome because in her accompanying books the real girl who they sketched to be her was like 100 times hotter than the other girls. And I would so rather grow up in the Victorian time period over those prairie days or during World War II (again, Molly was so budget). Or during the colonial period when that ginger Felicty was supposed to have lived (assuming these dolls are based on ACTUAL AMERICAN GIRLS, DUH).

Anyway, I am now going to move onto the next step of the grieving process to wonder how much money my full Samantha collection might get me on eBay. I am somewhat concerned because I know my Samantha doll has got some receding hairline issues (aka I brushed the shit out of that mop so now like half of it is gone and she looks like one of those sad girls you went to middle school with who always had really gross stringy hair and her only friend was a girl who either had a boy haircut, had braces before they were cool, or wore ugly sweaters that clearly belonged to her older brother). I am thinking that maybe because Molly really is just a budget version of Samantha I can swap the hairpiece or something like that.

On a side note I just browsed around the American Doll website for a few minutes and it seems they've really embraced diversity since the vanilla days of Samantha, Kirsten and Molly. Oh and it looks like a bunch of the girls have a friend or counterpart for their era. Not all. I am trying to construct an argument as to why some don't (racism? elitism? ageism? fascism? some other -ism i am not aware of?) but lack creativy at the moment. Also, I am pretty sure Felicity's hair used to be a lot more ginger-colored than they are suggesting. Maybe the makers of American Doll also learned you should NEVER TRUST A GINGER.

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Katherine said...

you should make an appointment to have tea with your american girl doll when you come to NYC. i'll join you two strumpets.