Friday, October 31, 2008

When Narcolepsy is a Good Thing

Last night, I was sound in bed and fast sleep pretty early. Very early. We are talking 7 pm early. And I am not exaggerating one little bit. For REAL.

I think all these nights of 6 hour sleep and ridiculously early wake up times for pre-work exercise has finally done me in. While I had grand intentions of having a fascinating Thursday evening (aka boozing) a few glasses of wine around 6 pm ruined me. The wine + a week of little sleep cancelled all previous intended activities and I went straight home and straight to bed.

I woke up once in the middle of the night, around 2 am, which would have signaled about the normal amount of sleep I get each night. But then I was out cold again, and didn’t wake up until I had to be up around 7 this morning. It was the most marvelous feeling. I mean, I feel fantastic right now. And I look fantastic. You know how they say if you get more sleep you are more likely to lose weight? Well it’s true, I lost a good 30 lbs last night.

Okay that last part was a lie, but seriously. I highly recommend 12 hours of sleep to EVERYONE.

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