Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to Reality (TV)

Who caught The Hills last night? Obviously I did. And wow was it a gem of an episode. If anything, we learned again that Heidi is an ugly plastic doll who has completely fried her hair on a flat iron and/or crimper and both Lauren and Audrina are batshit crazy. However, I remain Team LC.

On a side note, the blowout fight at Winston's at the end of the episode was awesome. First of all, who attempts to "talk it out" at a night club (?), but really I want to just go over the best exchange of the night, when these rivals were discussing whether or not LC hooked up with J-Bob:

Lauren: Tell me what I've done to you to make you think I'm capable of doing this.
Audrina: You want me to sit here and make you a list?
Lauren: Yeah I do.
Audrina: You guys have been flirting before...
Lauren: (said in a heightened tone, sheer disgust in her voice) Flirting? I would rather kill myself than hook up with him. He is disgusting. Justin disgusts me.

Lauren I totes understand. I too would rather kill myself than hook up with Justin Bobby. Ick. But you're totally badass for saying that.

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