Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TMI (for you)

So this morning in lieu of going to the gym, or shower, or pulling my act together I decided sleeping until 8 am was much more important. (And it really was because when I woke up birds were chirping and dolphins were swimming in the pool and some friendly woodland creatures told me they recently touched based with animal spirit god and he says HELLO!). And because I plan my day out the night before, I had a little starting point this morning. Fortunately my hair wasn't that terrifying and I already had a precious little outfit laid out (pearls! cardigan with cute BUTTONS! green skirt! ballet flats! headband! I'm moonlighing on Gossip Girl!) but I've noticed one problem all day...

My feet feel dirty. Like it's giving me the squirmy wormy heeby jeebies. I have a sneaking suspicion it's because the last time I wore these shoes my feet were kind of dirty, and I am sure the lack of shower this morning doesn't help, HOWEVER, the feeling is so much so that I have a seriously overwhelming urge to wash my feet in the bathroom sink. But then I think about if someone were to walk in while I was doing that... all I know is that if I walked into the ladies room to find some chick washing her feet I would be totally weired out.

But weirding people out... well that's never stopped me before!

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