Friday, December 05, 2008

The City is the REAL Gossip Girl

Here's a NEWER preview for The City:

This show is going to be awesome for so many reasons.

First, I am sick of The Hills. I am, it's true. I am especially sick of having to watch Heidi and Spencer on that show, and Lauren's trust issues are borderline making me want to see a therapist. And Audrina? Stop getting your teeth whitened, please.

Secondly, Whitney was truly the best of the cast, and putting her in NYC, and at Diane von Furstenberg, and working with Olivia Palermo (a socialite working? Mais, non!)--I mean, that is genius right there.

Finally, it really is the real version of Gossip Girl--much like Laguna Beach was the real O.C. The Hills is not real in any capacity, and even though The City is the spinoff of a spinoff... I think it will be 900 times better. And it's on the same night as Bromance so as of December 29th my Monday nights are going to be occupied. YES.

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