Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It really is a French kind of day...

Earlier today I was watching an interview of RPattz on some French TV station (what, you thought the Twilight love had already dissolved? Hah!) and then just a second ago I decided to forgo my usual background noise choice of a Pandora playlist (yesterday was Bach--I'm so cultured) or whatever's on my iPod to listen to the news... in French.

And then just a second ago, it came back to me... I was dreaming about France last night. I can't remember if I was dreaming in French (my guess is probably not because that would mean I'm fluent and I don't think I've been any degree of fluent since living in Switzerland) or if I was just in France or attempting to speak French or what... in any case... there was SOMETHING to do with France in my dream... so... I guess I miss it...?

Maybe it's this shitty economy that has me daydreaming about a fanciful flee to Europe, and I'm mentally preparing through language prep? Who knows. But man the French language is AWESOME.

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