Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend Recap

So I realize this lovely Monday has been lacking in my regular weekend recap. That’s probably because my brain is feeling a little fried at the moment and I am actually trying to be productive with real work today.

But, here are a few weekend highlights (for the ten people as interested in my own life as I am):

After a lovely Friday evening I woke up Saturday morning with a real feeling of glee. Like cheesy musical glee. So much so, that I decided to update my Facebook status and actually use Twitter (ugh I am becoming all that I mock) to tell the world I AM SO HAPPY.

My happiness was fleeting however, when I had to drive to Hollywood for my improv class. WHAT’S THAT? Yes, you heard me—I’m taking an improv classes. I know you’re totally (not) shocked, and what is perhaps most surprising is that is that this is the first blog mention of such a hilarious weekly event, and I don’t have a good explanation as to why I’ve neglected to mention it in the past... It’s fun though—essentially I joined because the last class I took was in the spring, a writing class at UCLA, so I was looking for something in a completely different vein, and I thought improv could help my comedic writing... (has it helped? HAS ANYONE NOTICED ANY IMPROVEMENT OVER THE LAST 7 WEEKS? No? Me neither). It’s turned out to be a fun release on Saturday mornings, and I’ve realized that Family Guy operates entirely on an improv format. Which is awesome. Whether or not I will stick with it is something I am undecided about at present. I’m actually thinking of switching gears again, and trying a different writing class—maybe something with screenwriting so I can make a movie, (also to be called Jaw Wired Shut?) or at least pretend to. The major downfall of the improv class would have to be the drive to and from Hollywood every Saturday morning, in which a three hour class becomes a five hour event.

What else... Saturday night turned into quite the bender, complete with a 4am bedtime. This resulted in a miserable Sunday, of course. Sunday was supposed to be a “Very Roomie Christmas” in which Hotel Triple A (get it? Annie, Annie & Ashleigh? We’re so presh) was going to spend the day listening to Christmas carols and bake pies and go ice skating and watch Christmas movies. Well... all three of us slept until around 1pm, woke up with raging hangovers, and spent the day on our sofas, while various friends cycled through the apartment to witness our sorry state at different points of pain (and to watch various movies, only one of them being Christmas-themed). I stayed in pajamas all day, only saw daylight for three hours (and out the window, might I add) and the highlight might have been when walking back to our apartment from a poorly thought-out trip to Pinkberry (dairy was a bad idea), Annie had to pause while walking, to bend over in pain, declaring that her body was fighting back. “Viva la revolucion!” she yelled (she was impersonating her organs, envisioning all of them rallied around the liver, who was probably on a stretcher or hooked up to an IV, and all the other internals were standing with signs and picketing her abuse—you know if our life was an episode of Family Guy, we probably would have seen that).

Monday morning training sessions are BRUTAL, and a terrible idea after a weekend of bad decision-making. And while the new trainer is AWESOME he loves to kick my ass and tries to tell me I need to stop drinking (to be honest, and I think my friends would agree, I don’t really drink a whole lot, certainly not for someone my age, I think I just get hungover a little easier, and when I do really drink it’s a complete disaster) and anyway who is going to NOT drink during the holidays? PUHLEEZE.

And yet another weekend has passed, another week begins, and soon (not soon enough) I’ll be on a plane to New York, which I really cannot wait for. I am looking forward to cold weather and a city that outshines any other with its Christmas spirit.

Until then I won’t be doing much of anything because we don’t get paid until Monday. You know what that means... soup all week.

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