Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Tuesday is my Monday


That is how I feel right now. Not well. Not well at all... Mondays are rough because I am already suffering a hangover (metaphorically speaking, usually) from what is always a jam-packed weekend. Well add an actual hangover to that and Monday is MISERABLE.

Exhibit A.
Earlier without realizing it I yawned in a way that was so desperate/pathetic that everyone sitting nearby just started laughing at me. Apparently I was also moaning in anguish.

Exhibit B.
Just a moment ago I was opening my Kombucha (it's a DELISH Chinese beverage that is good for you and stuff) and it exploded all over myself and my desk. Dude who sits next to me looked at me and said, "Just go home. Start over again tomorrow."

Ah if only it were that easy... thank goodness tomorrow is a fresh start though, and I will be looking and feeling quite the opposite of my blah existence today.

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