Friday, January 16, 2009


Damn you, you suicidal goose who decided to veer off into the fiery warm right engine of a US Airways jet. Thanks to your kamikaze tendencies, I now have an irrational fear of birds--known in the science circles as ORINTHOPHOBIA. You know I used to love birds. Yeah, I did. When I lived on that farm for 6 months I took orinthology IN FACT. (We actually called just called it BIRDS.) By the end I was able to identify a whole crapload of birds by their calls and plumage. I also became quite skilled in imitating bird calls. (If I knew how to record myself doing some and if I knew how to post it here then I would. Lucky for you, I DON'T.) Anyway, I am going to begin tracking bird migration patterns before any flights.

You know I do love how every news station is going to town with the IRONY of the story, for example, when I was watching CNN last night they were just MARVELING! "How ironic that the very thing upon which an airplane is modeled ultimately resulted in its downfall!" OH SWEET IRONY!

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