Monday, January 12, 2009

Sequins Everywhere

Ashleigh and I both turned 25 over the holidays, and to make up for missing birthday celebrations we threw a joint party Saturday night at a lovely dive bar in our neighborhood. The party theme was FLARE (which was open to interpretation—we suggested mustaches, sequins, the suspenders of a TGIFridays waitress), and was really just an excuse for us to wear some hideous sequined tops we recently picked up at the Fairfax Flea Market. In the end, a group of about 6 of us looked like we’d just walked off the set of our Las Vegas revue, or maybe we were the supporting cast of Dynasty. It was incredible. This also translated to a trail of sequins where ever we went, to our friends’ cars, the bar itself, our apartment, and even this morning, two days later, I again found sequins in my bed. It’s awesome.

Ultimately, not everyone got the flare memo, but at peak time we maybe had about 50 people there which was so fun. Bonus was being able to play our on iPods which meant Ditonto and I fought over songs all night. A highlight was a little roommate dance where the three of us just hugged each other and jumped up and down and a nearby bystander remarked “Wow, they really love each other don’t they?” Best roommates ever. Thank God too, because our fratastic apartment became even more so with some competitive video game playing during the hung over hours of Sunday morning, when I also forced friends to watch me play Paper Mario, at which point I sufficiently embarrassed myself.

It was freakishly warm this weekend—which led to general confusion over what time of year it is. I kept making references to how happy I was it was summer and let’s all go in on a beach rental together. Oh yeah, it’s JANUARY. Which was clear when we were in Malibu enjoying the beautiful day and the sun started to set around 4:30 pm. Nothing like a sunset dinner at Taco Bell to really cap off the perfect LA weekend.

So even though I remain nostalgic for the east coast, at the moment, I am perfectly enamored with LA, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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